Lucy Mannering:  Vocals

John Nicol: Piano, keyboards, 12-string guitar, bass, vocals

Doug Quinn: Electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel and Ebow guitar

Paul Trowbridge: Drums & percussion, vocals

Pete Gamble: Bass guitar


Echo Canyon were first formed in 2018 by John Nicol and Paul Trowbridge who played together in the mid/late 1970s and who were joined by Doug Quinn, who John had played with in the 1990s, to start work on their first album.  

Lucy Mannering joined the band in 2019 to take on the lead vocalist position.

After the quartet recorded the COVID-delayed 'First Light - Old Shadows' album, bass guitarist Pete Gamble, who had palyed with Doug in the 1970s, joined the band in preparation for the album launch and other live work in the second half of 2021.


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